Odontobatrachus ziama sp. n. in life: a) female paratype ZFMK 95465 Ziama Forest, Guinea; b) female paratype MHNG 2731.46, from Ziama Forest, Guinea; c) female ZMB 78267, Kankan Region, Guinea; d) female ZMB 78263, Kankan Region, Guinea; e) ventral view of ZFMK 95465; f) colouration of femoral glands in male ZMB 78269. Mind the variation in shape of snout in lateral view from rounded (b) to pointed (d) and the variation in shape of dorsal ridges ranging from sub-elliptical (a, b), elongated (c) to conic (d).

  Part of: Barej MF, Schmitz A, Penner J, Doumbia J, Sandberger-Loua L, Hirschfeld M, Brede C, Emmrich M, Kouamé NG, Hillers A, Gonwouo NL, Nopper J, Adeba PJ, Bangoura MA, Gage C, Anderson G, Rödel M-O (2015) Life in the spray zone – overlooked diversity in West African torrent-frogs (Anura, Odontobatrachidae, Odontobatrachus). Zoosystematics and Evolution 91(2): 115-149. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.91.5127