Systematic placement (Bayesian phylogenetic inference based on a mitochondrial fragment of the 16S rRNA gene) of Amietophrynus perreti within the genus Amietophrynus. Bayesian PP values are as follows: asterisks (‘*’) point to maximum support (1.00), full circles (‘●’) point to PP 0.95–0.99; empty circle (‘○’) point to PP 0.90–0.94; PP values below 0.90 not shown.

  Part of: Onadeko A, Roedel M, Liedtke H, Barej M (2014) The rediscovery of Perret’s toad, Amietophrynus perreti (Schiøtz, 1963) after more than 40 years, with comments on the species’ phylogenetic placement and conservation status. Zoosystematics and Evolution 90(2): 113-119.