Scatter plot of the first and second axis of the principal component analyses for absolute values of morphological measurements in males (a) and females (c), and respective ratios in males (b) and females (d). For PCA loadings see Tables 3 and 4. Lines are drawn to indicate the centroid of points for each species. For colour code see Fig. 1.

  Part of: Barej MF, Schmitz A, Penner J, Doumbia J, Sandberger-Loua L, Hirschfeld M, Brede C, Emmrich M, Kouamé NG, Hillers A, Gonwouo NL, Nopper J, Adeba PJ, Bangoura MA, Gage C, Anderson G, Rödel M-O (2015) Life in the spray zone – overlooked diversity in West African torrent-frogs (Anura, Odontobatrachidae, Odontobatrachus). Zoosystematics and Evolution 91(2): 115-149.