Map showing the collection localities of the specimens examined in this study. The closed diamond (2) denotes the locality of Orobdella brachyepididymis sp. n., closed squares (4–6) show the localities of Orobdella nakahamai sp. n., closed triangles (3, 5) designate the localities of Orobdella okanoi sp. n., and the closed circle (1) specifies the locality of Orobdella yamaneae sp. n. Symbols in red indicate the type locality of each of the new species.

  Part of: Nakano T (2016) Four new species of the genus Orobdella from Shikoku and Awajishima island, Japan (Hirudinida, Arhynchobdellida, Orobdellidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 92(1): 79-102.