Preserved specimens of Calumma vatosoa; (a) Landmarks for morphometric measurements and pholidosis, shown in lateral view of the head region and forelegs of a female (SMF 26357, locality Ambatond’Radama); (b) male holotype of C. vatosoa (MRSN R1628, Forêt de Tsararano) in lateral view; (c) female (SMF 26359, Ambatond’Radama) in lateral view; (d) female (SMF 26358, Ambatond’Radama) in lateral view; (e) female (SMF 26357, Ambatond’Radama) in lateral view. Scale bar = 10 mm. See Materials and Methods for abbreviations.

  Part of: Prötzel D, Glaw F, Ruthensteiner B (2016) No longer single! Description of female Calumma vatosoa (Squamata, Chamaeleonidae) including a review of the species and its systematic position. Zoosystematics and Evolution 92(1): 13-21.