Distribution of Odontobatrachus spp. in the western Upper Guinea forest zone (country code: GN = Guinea, SL = Sierra Leone, LR = Liberia, CI = Côte d’Ivoire). The map shows forest cover (Arino et al. 2012; green shading) and elevation (increasing from light to dark grey). The arrow indicates the restricted type locality of O. natator. Colour code reads as follows: blue = O. natator, red = O. ziama sp. n., yellow = O. smithi sp. n., green = O. fouta sp. n., orange = O. arndti sp. n.

  Part of: Barej MF, Schmitz A, Penner J, Doumbia J, Sandberger-Loua L, Hirschfeld M, Brede C, Emmrich M, Kouamé NG, Hillers A, Gonwouo NL, Nopper J, Adeba PJ, Bangoura MA, Gage C, Anderson G, Rödel M-O (2015) Life in the spray zone – overlooked diversity in West African torrent-frogs (Anura, Odontobatrachidae, Odontobatrachus). Zoosystematics and Evolution 91(2): 115-149. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.91.5127