Somatic and genital morphology of Siler niser sp. nov. A–F. Holotype male (ZSI-I/SP 40) A. Dorsal view; B. Ventral view; C. Lateral view; D. Front view; E. Left male palp, ventral view; F. Same, retrolateral view. G–L. Female paratype (ZSI-I/SP 41); G. Dorsal view; H. Ventral view; I. Lateral view; J. Front view; K. Epigyne, ventral view; L. Vulva, dorsal view. Scale bars: 2 mm (C, I); 1 mm (A, B, G, H, J); 0.5 mm (D); 0.2 mm (E, F, L); 0.1 mm (K).

  Part of: Caleb JTD, Parag A, Datta-Roy A (2023) A new species of the genus Siler Simon, 1889 (Araneae, Salticidae, Chrysillini) from India. Zoosystematics and Evolution 99(1): 209-216.