Occurrences of Cristaria bellua from the Mekong Basin based on newly collected and museum data. (1) type locality of Anodonta bellua Morelet, 1866: Lake Tonle Sap, Cambodia; (2) sequenced specimens of Cristaria bellua: Mekong Basin, Laos; (3) occurrences of Cristaria bellua based on museum records from Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos: Mekong Basin.

  Part of: Konopleva ES, Bolotov IN, Vikhrev IV, Inkhavilay K, Gofarov MYu, Kondakov AV, Tomilova AA, Chapurina YE, Van Do T, Pfeiffer JM, Lopes-Lima M, Bogan AE (2023) A freshwater mussel species reflects a Miocene stream capture between the Mekong Basin and East Asian rivers. Zoosystematics and Evolution 99(1): 29-43. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.99.90784