Topotypic Pristimantis nebulosus in life: Adult male (MUSM 40299) in a. dorsolateral, b. ventral, c. dorsal, and d. frontolateral views; adult male (MUSM 40298) in e. dorsolateral, f. ventral, and g. frontal views; h. Juvenile (MUSM 40326) in dorsolateral view (inset photo showing ventral view of same individual). Not to scale.

  Part of: Köhler J, Castillo-Urbina E, Aguilar-Puntriano C, Vences M, Glaw F (2022) Rediscovery, redescription and identity of Pristimantis nebulosus (Henle, 1992), and description of a new terrestrial-breeding frog from montane rainforests of central Peru (Anura, Strabomantidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 98(2): 213-232.