Phylogenetic tree generated by Maximum Likelihood analysis for 13 species of Cryptocambeva and four trichomycterine outgroups (most external out-group, ‘Trichomycterus’ areolatus, not depicted in the figure), using a multigene data set (CYTB, ND4 and RAG2, total of 2545 bp); numbers above branches are: SH-aLRT support (%) / aBayes support / ultrafast bootstrap support (%); numbers below branches are posterior probabilities from the Bayesian Inference; asterisks indicate maximum support values; minus sign indicate support values below 0.8 for aBayes support and posterior probability, and below 50% for SH-aLRT support and ultrafast bootstrap support. CAN-clade means Canastra clade; ESP-clade, Espinhaço clade; NMM-clade, northern Mantiqueira-Mar clade, and SMM-clade, southern Mantiqueira-Mar clade.

  Part of: Costa WJEM, Mattos JLO, Sampaio WMS, Giongo P, de Almeida FB, Katz AM (2022) Phylogenetic relationships of a new catfish of the genus Trichomycterus (Siluriformes, Trichomycteridae) from the Brazilian Cerrado, and the role of Cenozoic events in the diversification of mountain catfishes. Zoosystematics and Evolution 98(1): 151-164.