Relationship between mean abundance of cysts (log x + 1) of Microphallus nicolli and size-classes of females of Emerita rathbunae based on cephalothorax length. Data are for all four localities: San Andrés (A), Revolcadero (B), Las Trancas (C), and Ixtapa (D).

  Part of: Violante-González J, Monks S, Quiterio-Rendon G, García-Ibáñez S, Larumbe-Morán E, Rojas-Herrera AA (2016) Life on the beach for a sand crab (Emerita rathbunae) (Decapoda, Hippidae): parasite-induced mortality of females in populations of the Pacific sand crab caused by Microphallus nicolli (Microphallidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 92(2): 153-161.