Percentages of cysts of Microphallus nicolli by development stage of cysts and size-classes of female crabs (Emerita rathbunae). Hatched bars = immature cysts; Shaded bars = late immature cysts; Open bars = mature cysts; Dark bars = melanized cysts. Data are only from San Andrés (A) and Las Trancas beaches (B). Stages of cyst maturity were modified from Keeney et al. (2007).

  Part of: Violante-González J, Monks S, Quiterio-Rendon G, García-Ibáñez S, Larumbe-Morán E, Rojas-Herrera AA (2016) Life on the beach for a sand crab (Emerita rathbunae) (Decapoda, Hippidae): parasite-induced mortality of females in populations of the Pacific sand crab caused by Microphallus nicolli (Microphallidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 92(2): 153-161.