Cavernocypris hokkaiensis sp. nov., female. A–G, I–L. Holotype (ICHUM-8247); H. Paratype (ICHUM-8249); A, B. Inner views of left and right valves; C. Antennula; D. Antenna, outer view; E. Coxa of mandible; F. Mandible, inner view; G. Maxillula (vibratory plate omitted); H–J. Limbs 5–7; setules of distal setae on protopod and palp of limb 5 omitted; K. Uropodal ramus; L. Rake organ. Abbreviations: RO, Rome organ; WO, Wouters organ. Scale bars: 0.2 mm (A, B); 0.5 mm (C–K); 0.25 mm (L).

  Part of: Munakata M, Tanaka H, Kakui K (2022) Taxonomy and natural history of Cavernocypris hokkaiensis sp. nov., the first ostracod reported from alpine streams in Japan. Zoosystematics and Evolution 98(1): 117-127.