Sampling sites for Cavernocypris hokkaiensis sp. nov. A. Map showing location of Daisetsuzan National Park in Japan; B. Map showing the sampling sites (Stns 1–7) in Daisetsuzan National Park; C. Enlarged map of the area corresponding to the square in Fig. 1B; arrow indicates the stream flow direction; D–J. Photographs of the sampling sites; D. Hokkai-sawa Stream (Stn. 1); E. Hokkai-sawa Stream (Stn. 2); F. Akaishigawa Stream (Stn. 3); G. Momizi Fall (Stn. 4); H. Sugatami Pond (Stn. 5); I. Unnamed pond (Stn. 6); J. Daisetsu Asahidake Spring (Stn. 7). Maps were generated by using GMT6 (A Wessel et al. 2019) or were based on GSI Maps (B, C Geospatial Information Authority of Japan 2022). Filled and open circles indicate sites where Cavernocypris individuals were collected or not found, respectively.

  Part of: Munakata M, Tanaka H, Kakui K (2022) Taxonomy and natural history of Cavernocypris hokkaiensis sp. nov., the first ostracod reported from alpine streams in Japan. Zoosystematics and Evolution 98(1): 117-127.