Schematic drawing of internal female genitalia in two Nopsma species. A. Nopsma juchuy (Dupérré). B. Nopsma paya sp. nov. Scale bars: A, B: 0.5mm. Abbreviations: as = anterior tracheal spiracles, dmr = distal margin of receptaculum, ess = external sclerotization around spiracles, go = genital opening, pmr = proximal margin of receptaculum, pp = posterior plate, ps = posterior tracheal spiracles, re = receptaculum.

  Part of: Sánchez-Ruiz A, Martínez L, Bonaldo AB (2021) Three new species of the spider genus Nopsma (Araneae, Caponiidae, Nopinae) from Colombia. Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(2): 383-392.