Nopsma paya sp. nov.; A, B, E, F. male holotype; C, D, G. female paratype (IAvH-I 3796). A. Habitus, dorsal view. B Habitus, ventral view. C. Habitus, dorsal view. D. Habitus, ventral view. E. Left palp, retrolateral view. F. Left palp, prolateral view. G. External genitalia, ventral view. H. Internal genitalia, dorsal view. Scale bars: A–D: 1.5 mm, E, F: 0.7 mm, G, H: 0.5 mm. Abbreviations: ap = anterior plate, ess = external sclerotization around spiracles, go = genital opening, pp = posterior plate, re = receptaculum.

  Part of: Sánchez-Ruiz A, Martínez L, Bonaldo AB (2021) Three new species of the spider genus Nopsma (Araneae, Caponiidae, Nopinae) from Colombia. Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(2): 383-392.