Macrobiotus dariae Pilato & Bertolani, 2004 and Macrobiotus serratus Bertolani, Guidi & Rebecchi, 1996 (type series) – egg chorion morphology under PCM: A–C. Egg surface (A) and midsections of the processes (B, C) of M. dariae (slides PC45s1 and PC45s3 respectively); D, E. Egg surface of M. serratus (slides C1907s17 and C1907s30 respectively). Scale bars in μm.

  Part of: Vecchi M, Stec D (2021) Integrative descriptions of two new Macrobiotus species (Tardigrada, Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae) from Mississippi (USA) and Crete (Greece). Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(1): 281-306.