Transmission electron microscopy images of Ceratomyxa amazonensis isolated of Symphysodon discus from the Unini River, Amazonas State, Brazil. a. Myxospore showing two sub-spherical polar capsules and sporoplasm (sp) occupying most of the myxospore volume; b. Detail of the apical suture (black arrow) and sporoplasmosomes (arrowheads); c. Detail of lateral suture (black arrow); d. Polar capsule displaying still uncoiled internal polar tubule (black arrow). Scale bars: 2 µm (a); 1 µm (c); 500 nm (b, d).

  Part of: Sousa FB, Milanin T, Morandini AC, Espinoza LL, Flores-Gonzales A, Gomes AL.S, Matoso DA, Mathews PD (2021) Molecular diagnostic based on 18S rDNA and supplemental taxonomic data of the cnidarian coelozoic Ceratomyxa (Cnidaria, Myxosporea) and comments on the intraspecific morphological variation. Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(2): 307-314.