Ecoregion distribution of Myrmecotypus mazaxoides sp. nov., according to the regionalization by Navarro and Ferreira (2011); A. Bolivia; B. Sub-Andean area at the Bolivian orocline 1. Collection locality of M. mazaxoides sp. nov., Santa Cruz de la Colina, Santa Cruz department; map produced with QGIS (version 2.14.3,

  Part of: Perger R, Dupérré N (2021) Myrmecotypus mazaxoides sp. nov. – a new ground-dwelling, carpenter ant-resembling sac spider species from the Bolivian orocline, with indirect evidence for species-specific mimicry (Araneae, Corinnidae, Castianeirinae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(1): 273-280.