Cybaeus melanoparvus Kobayashi, schematic drawing of epigyne and spermathecae, based on female specimen (KUZ Z3765). A. Ventral view; CD, copulatory duct; CP, copulatory pore; FD, fertilization duct; PME, posterior margin of epigynal plate; SB, spermathecal base; SH, spermathecal head; B. Dorsal view; BG, Bennett’s gland; FD, fertilization duct; PP, primary pore; SB, spermathecal base; SS, spermathecal stalk; SS, spermathecal stalk. Duct from CP to before PP colored in red; duct from PP to before SB colored in blue; SB colored in green. Scale bar: 50 µm.

  Part of: Sugawara Y, Ihara Y, Nakano T (2021) A new species of Cybaeus L. Koch, 1868 (Araneae, Cybaeidae) with simple genitalia from central Japan is the sister species of C. melanoparvus Kobayashi, 2006 with elongated genitalia. Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(1): 223-233.