Hyperoliid, microhylid, ptychadenid and mantellid (subfamilies Boophinae and Laliostominae) species identified in this study. Sampling localities for each photographed individual are provided. ANP ES – Andringitra National Park Eastern Slopes; ANP WS – Andringitra National Park Western Slopes (Fig. 1; Suppl. material 1: Table S1). A. Boophis (Boophis) ankaratra from Imaitso (ANP ES); B. Boophis (Boophis) boppa from Iantaranomby (ANP WS); C. Boophis (Sahona) doulioti from Ambalavao; D. Boophis (Boophis) laurenti from Iantaranomby (ANP WS); E. Boophis (Boophis) luteus from Fivahona–Velotsoa; F. Boophis (Boophis) majori from Asaramanitra (ANP ES); G. Boophis (Boophis) obscurus from Imaitso (ANP ES); H. Boophis (Boophis) occidentalis from Andramena (ANP WS); I. Boophis (Boophis) popi from Imaitso (ANP ES); J. Boophis (Boophis) sp. Ca33 from Asaramanitra (ANP ES); K. Boophis (Boophis) rhodoscelis from Fivahona–Ambavanala; L. Heterixalus betsileo from Sakaviro; M. Heterixalus luteostriatus from Anja; N. Scaphiophryne (Scaphiophryne) madagascariensis from Andramena (ANP WS); O. Scaphiophryne (Pseudohemisus) calcarata from Ambalavao; P. Laliostoma labrosum from Anja; Q. Aglyptodactylus madagascariensis from Namoly; R. Ptychadena sp. aff. mascareniensis “OTU1” from Iantaranomby (ANP WS). Photographs by Javier Lobón-Rovira (A–J, L–R) and Francesco Belluardo (K).

  Part of: Belluardo F, Quirós DD, Lobón-Rovira J, Rosa GM, Rasoazanany M, Andreone F, Crottini A (2021) Uncovering the herpetological diversity of small forest fragments in south-eastern Madagascar (Haute Matsiatra). Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(2): 315-343. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.97.63936