Cnemaspis lokugei sp. nov. male holotype (NMSL.2021.01.01), (a) dorsal head, (b) lateral head, (c) ventral head, (d) heterogeneous scales on dorsal surface of trunk, (e) lateral surface of trunk, (f) smooth ventral scales, (g) cloacal characters with precloacal and femoral pores (h) subdigital lamellae on manus, (i) subdigital lamellae on pes; female paratype (NMSL.2021.01.03), (j) dorsal side of tail, (k) lateral side of tail, (l) subrhomboid-shaped small subcaudals. Scale bar: 1 mm (Photos: Suranjan Karunarathna).

  Part of: Karunarathna S, De Silva A, Gabadage D, Botejue M, Madawala M, Ukuwela KDB (2021) A new species of day gecko (Reptilia, Gekkonidae, Cnemaspis Strauch, 1887) from Sri Lanka with an updated ND2 gene phylogeny of Sri Lankan and Indian species. Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(1): 191-209.