Axial skeleton composition in the Microhyla–Glyphoglossus assemblage representatives. The vertebral columns are shown in dorsal view for Glyphoglossus molossus (A), Glyphoglossus yunnanensis (B), Microhyla achatina (C), Microhyla nepenthicola (D) and Nanohyla arboricola (E). Numerals (I–VIII) correspond to the numbers of presacral vertebrae (PSV); I+II denotes fusion of the two first PSV. Note: figures display only calcified structures; cartilages are omitted due to limitations of micro-CT scanning. Scale bar equals 3 mm.

  Part of: Gorin VA, Scherz MD, Korost DV, Poyarkov NA (2021) Consequences of parallel miniaturisation in Microhylinae (Anura, Microhylidae), with the description of a new genus of diminutive South East Asian frogs. Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(1): 21-54.