Cranial osteology of the Microhyla–Glyphoglossus assemblage representatives. The skulls are shown in dorsal / ventral / lateral views for Glyphoglossus molossus (A / B / C, respectively), Glyphoglossus yunnanensis (D / E / F, respectively), Microhyla achatina (G / H / I, respectively), Microhyla nepenthicola (J / K / L, respectively), and Nanohyla arboricola (M / N / O, respectively). Note: figures display only calcified structures; cartilages are omitted due to limitations of micro-CT scanning. Scale bar equals 3 mm.

  Part of: Gorin VA, Scherz MD, Korost DV, Poyarkov NA (2021) Consequences of parallel miniaturisation in Microhylinae (Anura, Microhylidae), with the description of a new genus of diminutive South East Asian frogs. Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(1): 21-54.