Summary boxplots (top whisker – maximum value; lower whisker – minimum value; dark horizontal line – median; box – 1st and 3rd quartile) comparing morphological features amongst the four species of Afroedura separated by sex: Afroedura bogerti (dark green – Ab; n = 9), Afroedura wulfhaackei sp. nov. (including the morphologically-indistinguishable Afroedura sp. 5–7 clades; blue – Aw; n = 40), Afroedura praedicta sp. nov. (light green – Ap; n = 5), Afroedura donveae sp. nov. (red – Ad; n = 17), Afroedura vazpintorum sp. nov. (orange – Av; n = 48).

  Part of: Branch WR, Schmitz A, Lobón-Rovira J, Baptista NL, António T, Conradie W (2021) Rock island melody: A revision of the Afroedura bogerti Loveridge, 1944 group, with descriptions of four new endemic species from Angola. Zoosystematics and Evolution 97(1): 55-82.