Shells of the Central Asian representatives of the genus Radix. A. Radix tener, the type (after Küster 1862, slightly modified); B. R. persica, the holotype (after Sitnikova et al. 2012); C. R. euphratica (30.08.2013, Russia, Krasnodar Region, Yaseni River, scale bar 2 mm; RMBH); D. R. tenera race euphratica (Iraq, Samara, after Annandale and Prashad 1919b); E. R. gedrosiana, a syntype (Pakistan, Baluchistan, Quetta, a pond in the Residency garden; after Annandale and Prashad 1919a); F, G. R. rectilabrum (Pakistan, Northern Baluchistan, Pishin district, Kushdil Khan reservoir; after Annandale and Prashad 1919a); H. R. iranica, the holotype (from the “Persian Baluchistan”; after Annandale and Prashad 1919a).

  Part of: Vinarski MV, Aksenova OV, Bolotov IN (2020) Taxonomic assessment of genetically-delineated species of radicine snails (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Lymnaeidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 96(2): 577-608.