Female P5 of A. Heterolaophonte minuta (Boeck, 1872), B. Cletodes meyerorum George & Müller, 2013, C. Ancorabolus chironi Schulz & George, 2010, D. Calypsophontodes macropodia (Gee & Fleeger, 1986). E. Laophontodes sarsi George, 2018, F. Dorsiceratus wilhelminae George & Plum, 2009. Modified from Willen 1992 (A), George and Müller 2013 (B), Schulz and George 2010 (C), Gheerardyn and Lee 2012 (D), George 2018 (E), George and Plum 2009 (F). No scales.

  Part of: George KH (2020) Restructuring the Ancorabolidae Sars (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) and Cletodidae T. Scott, with a new phylogenetic hypothesis regarding the relationships of the Laophontoidea T. Scott, Ancorabolidae and Cletodidae. Zoosystematics and Evolution 96(2): 455-498. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.96.51349