Schematic representation of hypothesised groundpatterns for the shapes of the first swimming leg P1 in each proposed taxon. A. Podogennontan (after Willen 2000; Seifried 2003), B. Laophontoidea–Cletodoidea-clade, C. Cletodoidea, D. Cletodidae ●, E. Ancorabolidae ●. Black crosses indicate apomorphies; Roman numerals = outer spines, Arabic numerals = inner setae; ex = exopod, en = endopod. Explanations given in the text.

  Part of: George KH (2020) Restructuring the Ancorabolidae Sars (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) and Cletodidae T. Scott, with a new phylogenetic hypothesis regarding the relationships of the Laophontoidea T. Scott, Ancorabolidae and Cletodidae. Zoosystematics and Evolution 96(2): 455-498.