Representatives of “Ancorabolidae” Sars, 1909, A. Ancorabolus ilvae George, 2001, B. Ancorabolina chimaera George, 2006, C. Ceratonotus vareschii George, 2006, D. Laophontodes typicus T. Scott, 1894, E. Paralaophontodes anjae George, 2017. Modified from George 2001 (A), 2006a (B), 2006b (C), 2017 (D), 2018 (E). No scales.

  Part of: George KH (2020) Restructuring the Ancorabolidae Sars (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) and Cletodidae T. Scott, with a new phylogenetic hypothesis regarding the relationships of the Laophontoidea T. Scott, Ancorabolidae and Cletodidae. Zoosystematics and Evolution 96(2): 455-498.