Paratypes of Paroedura hordiesi: (A) adult male ZSM 531/2000 (SVL 53.5 mm) in dorsolateral view; (B) adult female ZSM 2113/2007 (SVL 46.1 mm) in dorsal view; (C) subadult ZSM 2107/2007 in lateral view; (D) juvenile (ZSM 2106/2007, SVL 28.1 mm) and subadult (ZSM 2107/2007, SVL 35.2 mm) in dorsolateral view.

  Part of: Glaw F, Rösler H, Ineich I, Gehring P, Köhler J, Vences M (2014) A new species of nocturnal gecko (Paroedura) from karstic limestone in northern Madagascar. Zoosystematics and Evolution 90(2): 249-259.