Heteromysoides songkhlaensis sp. nov. Holotype, male (BL 3.2 mm, A, C, E, F, G, I) (NSMT-Cr 26744), allotype, female (BL 3.7 mm, B, D, H, J) (PSUZC 20190119-02.01), paratype, male (BL 3.6 mm, L–O) and female (BL 3.6 mm, K) (ZRC 2019.1095). A, B. Lateral view of whole body; C, D. Dorsal view of anterior body; E. Dorsal view of right eye; F, H. Dorsal view of right antennule; G. Ventral view of right antennule; I, J. Ventral view of antenna; K. Ventral view of labrum; L. Ventral view of mandibles with palps; M. External view of mandibles enlarged; N. Right maxillule; O. Right maxilla. Scale bars: 0.5 mm (A, B); 0.3 mm (C, D, F–J); 0.2 mm (L); 0.1 mm (E, K, M–O).

  Part of: Yolanda R, Sawamoto S, Lheknim V (2019) A new species in the genus Heteromysoides (Crustacea, Mysida, Mysidae) from Songkhla Lagoon, southern Thailand. Zoosystematics and Evolution 95(2): 535-542. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.95.39214