Comparison of two morphological characters (body width and body height) against body length in the tadpole species investigated; Astylosternus spp. and Scotobleps gabonicus had very similar body shapes; Nyctibates corrugatus tadpoles (olive) are much more elongated; the single tadpole of A. laticephalus (dark blue dot) had a very flattened body, being proportionally the widest.

  Part of: Griesbaum F, Hirschfeld M, Barej M, Schmitz A, Rohrmoser M, Dahmen M, Mühlberger F, Liedtke HC, Gonwouo NL, Doumbia J, Rödel M (2019) Tadpoles of three western African frog genera: Astylosternus Werner, 1898, Nyctibates Boulenger, 1904, and Scotobleps Boulenger, 1900 (Amphibia, Anura, Arthroleptidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 95(1): 133-160.