a Undescribed Phrynobatrachus sp. from KBPPA exhibiting characters of P. gutturosus and P. tokba b Ptychadena sp. male (ZMB 88505) from river bank in FPPA c, d Ptychadena mascareniensis-complex females with green (c: ZMB 88535) and brown (d: ZMB 88537) vertebral bands from the same rice paddy in FPPA e Chiromantis rufescens female (not collected) from KBPPA.

  Part of: Rödel M-O, Glos J (2019) Herpetological surveys in two proposed protected areas in Liberia, West Africa. Zoosystematics and Evolution 95(1): 15-35. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.95.31726