Natural and disturbed habitats in the Krahn-Bassa (KBPPA) and Foya Proposed Protected Areas (FPPA). a Remaining puddles of a stream in Krahn-Bassa, habitat of Aubria subsigillata, Amnirana ‘albolabris West’, Leptopelis macrotis, Hyperolius chlorosteus and Chiromantis rufescens. b View on a near primary forest patch in FPPA. c Artisanal gold mining area near a small forest stream in FPPA, frogs breeding in these puddles were Xenopus tropicalis, Sclerophrys maculata, Hyperolius picturatus, Phlyctimantis boulengeri, Ptychadena longirostris, P. sp., and Chiromantis rufescens. d Recently slash and burn cleared forest patch in FPPA, prepared for establishing a cacao plantation.

  Part of: Rödel M-O, Glos J (2019) Herpetological surveys in two proposed protected areas in Liberia, West Africa. Zoosystematics and Evolution 95(1): 15-35.