Maxillary teeth of: A, Holotype of Aphyocharax avary: ANSP 39217; B, Syntype of Aphyocharax pusillus: BMNH1867.6.12.46; C, D; Syntypes of Aphyocharax pusillus: BMNH 1867.6.13.58-59; E, Lectotype of Chirodon alburnus: BMNH 1869.5.21.10; F, G, two of the three paralectotypes of Chirodon alburnus (head damaged in a third): BMNH 1869.5.21.11-13. A, Photographed by Axel Katz; and B-G, Photographed by Kevin Webb.

  Part of: de Brito PS, Guimarães EC, Katz AM, Piorski NM, Ottoni FP (2018) Taxonomic status of Aphyocharax avary Fowler, 1913, Aphyocharax pusillus Günther, 1868 and Chirodon alburnus Günther, 1869 (Characiformes, Characidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 94(2): 393-399.