Recently preserved specimens of Aphyocharax pusillus: ANSP 178013, 4, 33.1–54.8 mm SL, Peru, Loreto, Rio Napo (Amazon river basin), right bank just upstream from mouth of Mazan river, near town of Mazan (3°29'10"S, 73°6'24’’W). Photographed by Mark Sabaj Perez.

  Part of: de Brito PS, Guimarães EC, Katz AM, Piorski NM, Ottoni FP (2018) Taxonomic status of Aphyocharax avary Fowler, 1913, Aphyocharax pusillus Günther, 1868 and Chirodon alburnus Günther, 1869 (Characiformes, Characidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 94(2): 393-399.