Bayesian consensus tree (50% majority-rule) showing the relationships of the new Andean populations of Alsodes. Representatives of the new populations are labeled in green (related to A. pehuenche) and red (related to A. hugoi) (see details of the new localities in Table 1). Note that specimens from Cajón de Plaza are distributed in both the red and green clades. Reference sequences of the type localities of A. pehuenche and A. hugoi are in bold. Numbers next to the nodes correspond to posterior probabilities (only values ≥ 0.95 of the more internal nodes are shown). The scale bar in the lower left corner represents the expected substitutions per site along the branches.

  Part of: Correa C, Zepeda P, Lagos N, Salinas H, Palma RE, Vásquez D (2018) New populations of two threatened species of Alsodes (Anura, Alsodidae) reveal the scarce biogeographic knowledge of the genus in the Andes of central Chile. Zoosystematics and Evolution 94(2): 349-358.