Adult males of Alsodes from the new discovered localities. In parentheses the specific identification according to the phylogenetic analysis (Fig. 3), the snout-vent length (SVL) and code of the respective buccal mucosa sample are indicated. A. Vegas de Cisternas (A. hugoi, SVL = 68.3 mm, VC1m). B. Cajón de Plaza (undetermined, SVL = 54.8 mm, CP5m). C. Vegas de Andrade (A. hugoi, SVL = 57.2 mm, VA1m). D. Vegas de Miranda (A. hugoi, SVL = 56.3 mm, VM6m). E. Cajón Lagunitas (site 3) (A. hugoi, SVL = 71.7 mm, CLP3-5m). F. Lo Aguirre Chico (A. pehuenche, SVL = 52.0 mm, AgCh4m). Some populations are characterized by well-developed interdigital webbing in the hind feet (shown in the insets).

  Part of: Correa C, Zepeda P, Lagos N, Salinas H, Palma RE, Vásquez D (2018) New populations of two threatened species of Alsodes (Anura, Alsodidae) reveal the scarce biogeographic knowledge of the genus in the Andes of central Chile. Zoosystematics and Evolution 94(2): 349-358.