Branchial arches of Pantanodon stuhlmanni: A, left branchial arches, ventral view of dorsal portion; B, third pharyngobranchial tooth, frontal view; C, left hyoid bar, lateral view; D, fifth ceratobranchial tooth, frontal view; E, left and middle branchial arches, dorsal view of ventral portion. Abbreviations: ach, anterior ceratohyal; b1–2, basibranchials 1–2; bh, basihyal; br, branchiostegal rays; c, ceratobranchials; e4,fourth epibranchial; ih, interhyal; p2-3, pharyngobranchials 2 and 3, pch, posterior ceratohyal; vhh, ventral hypohyal. Scale bar = 1mm. Figure 3B and 3D are schematic illustrations of the teeth, thus no scale bar is presented. The cartilaginous hypobranchials are not illustrated in Figure 3E.

  Part of: Bragança PHN, Amorim PF, Costa WJEM (2018) Pantanodontidae (Teleostei, Cyprinodontiformes), the sister group to all other cyprinodontoid killifishes as inferred by molecular data. Zoosystematics and Evolution 94(1): 137-145.