Morphological comparison of (i) dorsal, (ii) ventral, (iii) palmar, and (iv) plantar regions of Sumaterana gen. n. species. (a) S. crassiovis comb. n., ZMH.A14197, male, Provinsi Sumatera Barat; (b) S. dabulescens sp. n., ZMH.A14159, female, paratype, Provinsi Aceh; (c) S. montana sp. n., ZMH.A14194, female, paratype, Provinsi Bengkulu. Photos by U. Arifin.

  Part of: Arifin U, Smart U, Hertwig ST, Smith EN, Iskandar DT, Haas A (2018) Molecular phylogenetic analysis of a taxonomically unstable ranid from Sumatra, Indonesia, reveals a new genus with gastromyzophorous tadpoles and two new species. Zoosystematics and Evolution 94(1): 163-193.