Spectrogram (above) and waveform (below) of a call of the holotype of Gephyromantis (Vatomantis) lomorina sp. n., ZSM 419/2016, from Marojejy. (a) A full call (spectrogram shown using FFT of 512 points to visualise call structure); and (b) a 250 ms section from the middle of a call, showing the degree of pulsation of each note (spectrogram shown using FFT of 128 points to visualise note structure).

  Part of: Scherz MD, Hawlitschek O, Razafindraibe JH, Megson S, Ratsoavina FM, Rakotoarison A, Bletz MC, Glaw1 F, Vences M (2018) A distinctive new frog species (Anura, Mantellidae) supports the biogeographic linkage of two montane rainforest massifs in northern Madagascar. Zoosystematics and Evolution 94(2): 247-261. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.94.21037