Bioacoustic differences among Gephyromantis (Asperomantis) species, as evident from oscillograms of their calls, adapted from Vences et al. (2017) in comparison with Gephyromantis angano sp. n. and Gephyromantis sp. Ca29.

  Part of: Scherz MD, Vences M, Borrell J, Ball L, Herizo Nomenjanahary D, Parker D, Rakotondratsima M, Razafimandimby E, Starnes T, Rabearivony J, Glaw F (2017) A new frog species of the subgenus Asperomantis (Anura, Mantellidae, Gephyromantis) from the Bealanana District of northern Madagascar. Zoosystematics and Evolution 93(2): 451-466.