14. Buccinum cinctum Montagu, 1803 [Parvanachis sp.] 14.1 Old NHMUK labels identifying these shells as Columbella cincta and ex Laskey Coll. 14.2 Apertural and abapertural views of shell NHMUK 20170128/1. 14.3 Three shells NHMUK 20170128/2/3/4. 15. Mactra cinerea Montagu, 1808 [Mactra stultorum Linnaeus, 1758] 15.1 Three syntypes EXEMS Moll3780-82. 15.2 Internal and external views of right and left valves of syntype EXEMS Moll3780. 16. Turbo cingillus Montagu, 1803 [Cingula trifasciata J. Adams, 1800] 16.1 Montagu blue hexagonal card with 4 syntypes EXEMS Moll4213a-d. 16.2 Abapertural and apertural views of syntype EXEMS Moll4213a. 16.3 SEM of apertural view of syntype EXEMS Moll4213a. 17. Venus compressa Montagu, 1808 [Astarte montagui, Dillwyn, 1817] 17.1 Astarte sulcata EXEMS Moll3849 label for V. compressa attached to inside of right valve. 17.2Astarte sulcata EXEMS Moll3851, inner margin smooth. 17.3Astarte sulcata EXEMS Moll3850. 17.4 Old label for V. (Venus) scotica. 17.5 Single right valve of Astarte sulcata EXEMS Moll3852 identified as V. scotica in register. 18. Turbo crassior Montagu, 1803 [Lacuna crassior (Montagu, 1803)] 18.1 “Rowley” box containing 3 syntypes EXEMS Moll4186. 18.2 Montagu blue hexagonal card with 3 syntypes EXEMS Moll4186. 18.3 Apertural and abapertural views of largest syntype EXEMS Moll4186a.

  Part of: Oliver PG, Morgenroth H, Salvador A (2017) Type specimens of Mollusca described by Col. George Montagu in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter and The Natural History Museum, London. Zoosystematics and Evolution 93(2): 363-412. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.93.13073