68. Turbo semicostatus Montagu, 1803 [Onoba semicostatus (Montagu, 1803)] 68.1 Old NHMUK labels. 68.2 Apertural (SEM) and abapertural views of larger syntype NHMUK 20170013/1. 68.3 Apertural (SEM) view of smaller syntype NHMUK 20170013/2. 69. Turbo semistriatus Montagu, 1808 [Crisilla semistriata (Montagu, 1808)] 69.1 Old NHMUK mounting block, front label reads Turbo semistriatus while on reverse is an affixed label for T. interruptus. 69.2 Apertural and apertural views of syntype NHMUK 20170012/1. 69.3 SEM of apertural view of syntype NHMUK 20170012/1. 70. Murex septangularis Montagu, 1803 [Haedropleura septangularis (Montagu, 1803)] 70.1 “Rowley” box containing Montagu card. 70.2 Montagu blue card with single shell and original label EXEMS Moll4251. 70.3 Apertural and abapertural views of lectotype EXEMS Moll4251. 71. Murex sinuosusMurex, 1803 [Drillia sinuosa (Montagu, 1803)] 70.1 Old NHMUK mounting with 1 sh. attached. Reverse reads {P. sinuosum Gray | Murex sinuosum Mont | Pl. striata Kiener t.14. f.2 ? Reeve C. Ic t.17. f 144 | Africa | Weymouth Bryer Mus Montagu}. 70.2 Abapertural and apertural view of unique syntype NHMUK 20170014. 72. Turbo spiralis Montagu, 1803 [Spiralinella spiralis (Montagu, 1803)] 72.1 Montagu hexagonal blue card with 3 sh. attached EXEMS Moll4240a-c. 72.2 Apertural (SEM) and abapertural vies of syntype EXEMS Moll4240a.

  Part of: Oliver PG, Morgenroth H, Salvador A (2017) Type specimens of Mollusca described by Col. George Montagu in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter and The Natural History Museum, London. Zoosystematics and Evolution 93(2): 363-412. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.93.13073