58. Murex proximus Montagu, 1808 [Pleurotoma proxima (Montagu, 1808)] 58.1 Old NHMUK block with reverse text of {Mus. Montagu | Murex proximus Mont | ‘the specimen in the British Museum marked ‘Mus Montagu’ however, is a worn P. nebula” Jeffreys Brit.Conch. iv. p.387}. 58.2 Apertural and apertural views of shell attached to block and registered as NHMUK 1998043 is Bela nebula (Montagu, 1803) but is not a syntype of M. proximus or M. nebula. 59. Venus pullastra Montagu, 1803 [Venerupis corrugata (Gmelin, 1791)] 59.1 Exterior of right valve of syntype EXEMS Moll3804 with original Montagu label {Pullastra}affixed. 59.2 Interior of right valve and exterior of left valve of syntype EXEMS Moll3804 59.3 Syntype series EXEMS Moll3804-9. 60. Turbo punctura Montagu, 1803 [Alvania punctura (Montagu, 1803)] 60.1 Montagu hexagonal blue card with 3 sh. and empty scars; syntypes EXEMS Moll4222b-d. 60.2 Abapertural and apertural views of syntype EXEMS Moll4222a. 60.3 SEM of apertural view of EXEMS Moll4222a. 61. Murex purpureus Montagu, 1803 [Raphitoma purpurea (Montagu, 1803)] 61.1 Old NHMUK labels indicating provenance of Montagu Coll. 61.2 Abapertural and apertural views of lectotype NHMUK 1995089/1. 61.3 Montagu blue hexagonal card with 2 paralectotypes EXEMS Moll4258. 62. Turbo quadrifasciatus Montagu, 1803 [Lacuna vincta (Montagu, 1803)] 62.1 “Rowley” box containing Montagu card. 62.2 Montagu blue card with label and 5 sh. attached, EXEMS Moll4188a-e. 62.3 Apertural and abapertural views of syntype EXEMS Moll4188a.

  Part of: Oliver PG, Morgenroth H, Salvador A (2017) Type specimens of Mollusca described by Col. George Montagu in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter and The Natural History Museum, London. Zoosystematics and Evolution 93(2): 363-412. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.93.13073