34. Voluta hyalina Montagu, 1808 [?] 34.1 Old mounting block and labels, reverse block reads {Voluta hyalina Mont. Test. Brit. Sup.t30 f1 |Cominia hyalina Brown Illust. | Columbella hyalina Forbes, Hanley iii.445. | Mus Mont. Coll. Laskey}. 34.2Minioliva cf. perplexa Olsson, 1956, apertural and abapertural views, NHMUK 1998073 34.3Minioliva cf. perplexa Olsson, 1956, SEM of apertural view, NHMUK 1998073 35. Mya inaequivalvis Montagu, 1803 [Corbula gibba (Olivi, 1792)] 35.1 Labels from wooden mounting block. no original labels present. 35.2 External views of left and right valves of syntype EXEMS Moll3865. 35.3 Internal view of solitary right valve of syntype EXEMS Moll3866. 36. Turbo interstinctus Adams in Montagu, 1803 [Parthenina interstincta (Adams, 1797)] 36.1 Montagu hexagonal blue card with 1 sh. and empty scars. 36.2 Neotype of T. intertinctus Adams, 1797, gold coated for SEM, EXEMS Moll4241a. 36.3 Apertural and abapertural views of syntype of T. interstictus sensu Montagu EXEMS Moll4241b. 36.4 SEM of apertural view of syntype of T. interstictus sensu Montagu EXEMS Moll4241b. 37. Turbo jugosus Montagu, 1803 [Littorna saxatilis (Olivi, 1792)] 37.1 Entry in register, states{5 in cabinet with no name}, this is repeated on the label illustrated below. 37.2 Montagu blue hexagonal card with label attached showing 5 scars. 37.3 Abapertural and apertural views of lectotype EXEMS Moll4199/1. 38. Turbo labiosa Montagu, 1803 [Rissoa membranacea (J. Adams, 1800)] 38.1 Montagu hexagonal black card and original label with 4 sh. attached. 38.2 Apertural and abapertural views of lectotype EXEMS Moll4210/1. 38.3 Paralectotypes EXEMS Moll4210/2-3. 38.4 Two shells of Rissoa membranacea isolated from lot EXEMS Moll4210 by Verduin, 1982.

  Part of: Oliver PG, Morgenroth H, Salvador A (2017) Type specimens of Mollusca described by Col. George Montagu in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter and The Natural History Museum, London. Zoosystematics and Evolution 93(2): 363-412. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.93.13073