Chordodes colchis, female. A. Anterior end. B. Posterior end with central cloacal opening (co). C, D. Thin tubercles (arrows point at some of them) that appear to originate between areoles in the anterior end of the body. E. Lateral view on the posterior end with position of the cloacal opening (co). F. Some bristles behind the region with areoles in the posterior end. G. Clusters of crowned areoles with long filaments along the ventral midline. H. Magnification of a cluster ofcrowned areoles with long filaments and circumcluster areoles (ccar). A, C–H with SEM, B taken with Nicon Coolpix P 7700.

  Part of: Kintsurashvili N, Schmidt-Rhaesa A (2017) Chordodes colchis (Nematomorpha, Gordiida), a new species from Georgia. Zoosystematics and Evolution 93(2): 325-331.