BI consensus tree of concatenated COI and cytb mtDNA sequences representing all available Phoxinus species in Genbank combined with our data set. Number of some clades is given according to the study of Palandačić et al. (2020). Species from the Kuban basin are highlighted with color. Bootstrap values/posterior probabilities above 80/0.8 are shown; asterisks represent of 100/1 bootstrap/posterior probabilities values. Scale bar is in expected substitutions per site. The nodes with multiple specimens were collapsed to a triangle, with the horizontal depth indicating the level of divergence within the node.

  Part of: Artaev ON, Turbanov IS, Bolotovskiy AA, Gandlin AA, Levin BA (2024) Taxonomic revision of Phoxinus minnows (Leuciscidae) from Caucasus, with description of a new narrow-ranged endemic species. Zoosystematics and Evolution 100(1): 291-308.