A: (left) Photograph of the original “Titulo de Concessao” (28 January 1930) confirming William Chapman’s ownership of the farm that was purchased by the Kath-Brock family. B: (right) the farm map from the “Titulo de Concessao” showing ‘Alengo Sandula’ at middle of lower boundary.

  Part of: Branch WR, Haacke W, Vaz Pinto P, Conradie W, Baptista N, Verburgt L, Verisimmo L (2017) Loveridge’s Angolan geckos, Afroedura karroica bogerti and Pachydactylus scutatus angolensis (Sauria, Gekkonidae): new distribution records, comments on type localities and taxonomic status. Zoosystematics and Evolution 93(1): 157-166. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.93.10915