Image of Haplorchis pumilio; a. Drawing of cercaria structure b. Cercaria stained with 0.5% neutral red c. Redia stained with 0.5% neutral red d.–g. Images of Scanning Electronmicroscope Abbreviations: os – oral sucker, es – eye spot, p – pharynx, pg – penetration gland, vs – ventral sucker, eb – excretory bladder, lf – lateral finfold, ta – tail, df – dorsal finfold, re – redia, c – cercaria, b – body, sp – spine, sh – sensory hair (scale a, b = 100 µm, c = 10 µm).

  Part of: Krailas D, Namchote S, Koonchornboon T, Dechruksa W, Boonmekam D (2014) Trematodes obtained from the thiarid freshwater snail Melanoides tuberculata (Müller, 1774) as vector of human infections in Thailand. Zoosystematics and Evolution 90(1): 57-86.